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Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer Ceramic Coating

Small Car  £450

Medium    £500

Large        £550

Xl             £600

Gtechniq EXO + £150

Gtechniq Crystal Serum + £150


 Alloy Wheel Faces Coated With C5 £100

Alloy Wheel Removal Inners & Faces Coated With C5 £200

Interior Fabric Protection I1 £50

Soft Top Protection I1 £50 - £100

Windscreen Coating G1 £80

Plastic Trim Coated with C4 £50

Leather Protection £50

Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating

Promo video of Gtechniq EXOUltra Durable Hybrid Coating. EXO is a hybrid of an inorganic quartz layer that bonds permanently with your vehicle's paintwork providing ongoing protection from staini...

Heres some reviews taken from Gtechniq Website

Exceptional. I don’t believe it could have looked any better when it rolled off the production line.

Roger Green, 100,000 mile BMW project car, November 2008

The paintwork on a 400,000 mile Silver Spur was astonishingly good. We were intrigued. The owner, Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel provided the answer: G|techniq.

Nicholas Geehan, Materials Technology Lab, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd

G|techniq Crystal Lacquer retained 3 times more gloss than any other product we tested.

The Yacht Report

When I saw the boat after the Crystal Lacquer application I was stunned by how good it looked. Thereafter, ingrained dirt comes off with just a freshwater hose and cloth.

Jack Haines - Motor Boat and Yachting

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