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Price List

Standard Valet * (S) £60 (M) £65 (L) £70 (XL) £75 

  1. Vehicle pre rinsed
  2. Vehicle Washed
  3. Vehicle Dryed with microfibre towels
  4. Wheels and Tyres Cleaned
  5. Tyres Dressed
  6. Vehicle Polished With Autoglym Super Resin Polish
  7. Vehicle Vacuumed including boot space
  8. Rubbish removed
  9. Windows cleaned inside and out
  10. All plastics Cleaned

Showroom Valet * (S) £95 (M) £100 (L) £110 (XL) £120

  1. Vehicle pre rinsed

  2. Vehicle washed
  3. Vehicle Dryed with microfibre towels
  4. Vehicle Tyres and Wheels Cleaned
  5. Wheels Sealed with Alloy Wheel Wax
  6. Vehicle Tyres Dressed
  7. All Tar Spots Removed
  8. Vehicle Hand Polished With Autoglym Super Resin Polish
  9. Vehicle Paint Sealed with Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray
  10. Vehicle Vacuumed Including Boot Space
  11. Rubbish Removed
  12. Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  13. Vanity mirrors cleaned
  14. All Plastics Cleaned
  15. Leather Seats Deep Cleaned
  16. Exhaust Tips Polished
  17. Inside fuel flap cleaned

Royal Valet *(S) £210 (M) £220 (L) £230 (XL) £250
The Royal Valet uses only swissvax products

  1. Vehicle snowfoamed & rinsed prior to washing
  2. Vehicle washed with Swissvax car bath
  3. Inside wheel arches cleaned
  4. Hand dried using plush drying towels
  5. Alloy wheels cleaned with a non acidic cleaner
  6. Alloy wheels clayed & sealed with Swissvax autobahn
  7. Tyres cleaned then dressed with Swissvax pneu
  8. Vehicle treated with tardis to remove tar contamination
  9. All door frames and shuts cleaned
  10. Fuel cap shut cleaned and dressed
  11. Glass cleaned and polished inside and out
  12. External mirrors polished
  13. External headlights and taillights polished
  14. External chrome trims polished
  15. Exterior plastic trim treated with Swissvax plastic wash
  16. All rubbish removed
  17. Interior carpets & boot space vacuumed
  18. Interior air vents cleaned using cotton buds
  19. Front and rear door panels cleaned and dressed
  20. Door pockets and glove compartment cleaned
  21. Floor matts vacuumed
  22. Rubber door seals treated with Swissvax seal feed
  23. Leather seats cleaned with Swissvax leather cleaner
  24. Exhaust tips polished and sealed with Swissvax autobahn
  25. Paintwork fully clayed to remove any bonded contaminents
  26. Swissvax cleaner fluid applied to paintwork ( Pre-Wax Oil )
  27. Swissvax mirage 40% pure grade one carnauba wax applied                             


Time allocated for platinum valet is 1 to 2 Hours

Time allocated for showroom is 2 to 3 Hours

Time allocated for royal is 2 to 3 Hours

Vans from £100 to £200

(S)Small car, mini, fiesta,Audi tt, etc

(M)Medium car, focus,astra,golf etc

(L) Large car, Estate cars,bmw 5 series

(XL) Extra Large,Range rovers 4X4 etc


Extra charges for heavy soiled vehicles may be charged.

Extra time will be needed to remove dog hairs


Extra services

Odour Bomb from £25

Seats Shampooed £25

Carpets Shampooed £25

Autoglym Lifeshine from £200

Superguard from £200

Soft Top Cleaning & Reproofing from £150

Windscreen Sealant for better visibility in wet weather £80- lasts up to two years

clay bar from £50 

Alloy Wheel Detail : From £150

All wheels removed, brake dust and tar removed inside and out, then the wheels are treated with a temperature rated alloy wheel wax which protects wheels from brake dust and tar spots bonding to your wheels.

Engine Bay Detailing From : £60

Engine bay degreased washed and then dryed,all plastics treated with aerospace 303 protectant and then a application of swissvax motor shine

Motor Shine seals the engine, accessories, ignition cables, hoses etc. It protects them from corrosion, moisture, salt and water splashes. Motor Shine remains permanently flexible and lets the 'as new' gloss of your engine come through

Gtechniq G1 Road Test * not rain x *

Gtechniq G1 applied to half of windscreen to see the differance between the coated side and the uncoated side.Please note i was not filming while driving,i had a passenger holding the camera.

Alloy Wheel Detail Leeds
Range Rover Detail Leeds
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